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Welcome, my name is Felicity Scott, I am a kinesiology allergy therapist and I am happy to help you with your health.

During your session, I will use the following techniques to help you.

- Kinesiology techniques

- Kinesiology allergy tapping

My skills enable me to help you on the way to a better life.

I also have experience dealing with children with seizures and would be happy to help you in all aspects of seizure resolution.

How I can help you?

As a qualified Healthcare Consultant, I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn to first.


That’s why my mission is simple find and correct your allergies to bring you better health and happiness.


Get in touch to get started!

Allergies are simple to resolve!

Using a kinesiology tapping technique even the most severe allergies can be resolved in minutes.
The allergy resolution technique I use is safe to use on everyone including babies and small children.

Testing across a broad spectrum of substances to find your allergies and then using a Kinesiology tapping technique to correct the allergies.

Excellent for anyone with known allergies or uncertain which allergies are inhibiting good health.


Give the gift of healing.

The perfect gift for any occasion is a gift card for a session.

A wonderful gift that would have a lasting effect on your loved ones life.

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