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Stop Seizures

If you're over 21 years old and are experiencing seizures you could receive free seizure resolution sessions, fill in the contact form for more information.

My name is Felicity Scott. If you are reading this, then I expect you are ready to explore a ground-breaking approach to live seizure free. I am confident that when you see this solution you will adopt it. I have combined several health methods into one simple technique to stop seizures. I am the creator of the technique called the seizure solution. I have first-hand family experience that this technique works to stop seizures. I used this technique on one of my family members to stop seizures. There are no qualification requirements needed to do this technique. The ease of this solution is so simple, even teenagers could do to. Simply carry out the steps of the technique and the seizures stop. You can be the person to help your child or family members stop seizures. This solution revolutionises how you will think about how seizures happen. My research into how seizures occur will enlighten you about the body. The technique is so simple, follow the steps and to stop seizures. My aim is to help all people experiencing seizures know how to stop seizures. With a simple teaching method people will know how to stop seizures. I am confident you are ready to explore a new life free from seizures. Here is my experience with seizures. My daughter was 2 years old when she had her first seizure, it started as absent seizures and progressed quickly to partial focal nocturnal seizures, with the occasional daylight seizure. I was shocked and completely shaken by this turn of events for our beautiful, amazing baby girl. At first, I did what everyone did, we took her to emergency and got referred to a neurology department. There, we got told there was nothing that could be done apart from giving her the seizure medicine. Her seizures would start exactly 45 minutes into sleep, exactly 45 mins! Such an odd timing, so precise, almost every night. Then they would be sporadic throughout the night, my partner and I took it in turns to stay awake and monitor her. We would keep her company through the trauma of it all. Watch her and pray that tonight would be the night they stopped. They didn’t stop, the seizure medicine appeared to do nothing. Occasionally the partial focal seizures came more than one at a time. Some nights the seizures would roll on and on repetitively up to over 30 times, that’s when we would administer midazolam and if they didn’t resolve in 15 minutes, we would get her into the car still having the seizures and take her to emergency and beg them to do something. Nothing they did helped, none of the medicine, not the Tegretol, not the Midazolam, not the Dilantin. We just waited and waited for them to stop and then we would take her home again. Where we would cry tears of frustration and keep going and hoping and praying that something would change. In my research about epilepsy, I looked at the medicines side effects and the long term issues and I realised that my child would have serious health issues from the medication. Some of which were, chalky teeth, low bone density, persistent brain fog, learning difficulties, defective follicles plus many more and I thought ‘No’ and I said, ‘I have to do something, I can’t leave her like this and I will not accept this as her fate.’ So I took control. My goal was ‘find a resolve for my daughters seizures and enable her to live a normal life’. I researched in every corner of the web, I learnt so much about the brain, about the way the body works, I was learning as much as possible, doing all I could to help her and praying for a resolve to come my way. In my research I studied the benefits of various allied health techniques and thought there was something in Kinesiology that could help. Previous to the birth of my daughter I had gone to a chiropractor who practised Applied Kinesiology, as I needed help getting pregnant. It was my first experience of the therapy. The Chiropractor used Applied Kinesiology to check what the body’s priority issues were and then prescribed me some natural remedies and within a year after that first appointment I was pregnant, the outcome was pretty excellent. I was amazed at the concept of Applied Kinesiology, using muscle testing to talk to the body to find out what the problems were, how had I lived my whole life without knowing how to do this. When my daughter started having the seizures, I diligently took her along to that same Chiropractor that practised Applied Kinesiology, and although things got a bit better my daughters seizures did not completely resolve. I did some research on how I could help her personally using Kinesiology, which ended in me deciding that to help her the best way possible, I needed to learn how to do the kinesiology technique of muscle testing enabling me to communicate with her body. However, to do a course in Applied Kinesiology you had to be an already qualified Chiropractor, well I did not have time to do that qualification, I needed to help my daughter right away. Researching this further I found there was another modality just called Kinesiology, it used muscle testing to communicate with the body and its premise was to rebalance all of the body’s energy meridians. I decided to enrol in a Kinesiology qualification and started the course. Within a few months I had competently learnt how to muscle test and communicate with my own and my daughter’s body and was running some of the techniques on her and myself. Still, I was not getting a complete and utter resolve of her seizures, but I knew there was an answer in Kinesiology somewhere I just hadn’t found it yet. So, while still studying I went back to researching. I found a kinesiologist in the UK that practiced a Health Kinesiology allergy tapping technique. The technique was one that resolved allergies using a tapping method, I was drawn to the technique, and I studied its method and started to practise the technique on myself until I understood it completely and thoroughly. I started to use the kinesiology allergy tapping technique to correct my daughters’ food substance allergies. Those allergies were resulting in allergic responses in my daughter’s body. I had a gut instinct that this technique held the answer and that if I corrected enough allergies her seizures just might decline, and they did. At around the 65th allergy correction the seizures came to a sudden halt. This was an amazing result that I had stumbled across, and I was without a doubt amazed, and not to mention totally exhausted by the amount of work it took, but still this was the most amazing discovery, seizures can be resolved using allergy tapping. Following on from this discovery I set up my own clinic practising Kinesiology. From the continued use of the Allergy tapping technique and gaining more and more insight into allergies from much more experience of completing the technique, I realised something. I realised that when my daughter was experiencing those seizure’s, she was in something I have termed ‘anaphylactic shock syndrome’. While she was in the syndrome extra little allergies were triggering her into anaphylactic shock response. It was the response that was causing the seizures. The anaphylactic shock response in each person is different, in some people they are unable to breath, some have a heart attack or heart attack symptoms, some people have swelling on the legs and hands, some people have severe migraines or rashes. There are a multitude of reactions that can be attributed to anaphylactic shock response. For my daughter her anaphylactic shock response was seizures. Once I had corrected about the 65th allergy, it was at that point that her body came out of anaphylactic shock syndrome and back into normal sinus rhythm. Since then, she has gone back into anaphylactic shock syndrome on rare occasions, mostly due to a reaction to a seafood toxin in sushi. Her reaction though isn’t a seizure, thank goodness, it is occasionally a facial spasm. When it happens, I look at her allergies again and start correcting what I find. My daughters first seizure was in November 2012 by the end of 2017, my daughter no longer had seizures and had also been weaned off the seizure medication and been released as a patient by the neurology department. What I learnt through this whole process was, don’t give up, keep trying. More importantly if you believe something is the resolve keep going with it until you understand, why it is the resolve, how it works for you, and you see it actually working for you. Also don’t stop correcting your allergies, keep checking to see if any new ones have sprung up. Some substances that I tested not allergic to 6 years ago I am now testing allergic to; this I have realised is to do with the ageing process of the digestive system and the stomach not having time to rest adequately between meals. Ensuring you eat small meals that contain some fruit, salad, and vegetables every day will ensure that your body has enough nutrients to properly metabolise all foods and substances you ingest. I have utilised my Kinesiology knowledge and created a simplified allergy tapping resolution for all people to follow. It’s so simple that almost anybody can learn and use it on themselves and their children and family. This means that you can also resolve your or your child’s allergies and if seizures are the allergic response you are experiencing, then they just might stop, as my daughters did. I truly believe that you will resolve all your health issues by correcting every allergic response you are experiencing. Below is a link to buy a book outlining the process I took, that you can learn yourself. The emphasis for this book is that by resolving the allergies that are causing anaphylactic shock syndrome in yourself or your child the seizures will end, and life will become normal again. Good luck on your health journey. I would love to hear of your experience using this technique, please let me know if you have any questions. If your preference is to book in yourself or your family member for sessions with me to resolve their allergies and subsequently their seizures, you can make a session booking using the Make appointment link on the main menu. Peace and blessings to you all. Felicity.

Stop Seizures Book
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